What the guests say...

We provide the perfect holiday atmosphere so you

can create memories to last a lifetime.

"Sailing, diving, dining, laughing... the food, the sites, the adventure and the best crew ever!  Chloe, Stefan and Altesse: it really doesn't get any better than this!"

The Buttons, Waialua, Hawaii


The itinerary was just what we wanted, Chloe’s meals were superb (and we do all love our food)! Our preferences had carefully been taken account of and it was a real luxury just being able to sit back and relax.  The boat was immaculately clean and well cared for. Honestly I cannot rave enough!!!

A great experience - and a truly unforgettable 60th birthday.

The Mittlers, Dorset, UK


Chloe and Stefan were lots of fun and so attentive.We loved the sailing (even Mom!), we fished, we drank, we jammed, we ate fantastic food (plus a sushi-making workshop). It was an epic family vacation!

The Taubs, New York, USA

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Stefan and Chloe were the best part of the trip - such cheerful and thoughtful people. Chloe made awesome food, Stefan was a primo captain and divemaster. They read us perfectly and were very attentive to our individual idiosyncrasies. They really spoiled the kids which I appreciated,were safety conscious, accommodating and thoughtful in so many unexpected ways.

The Nix's, Virginia, USA

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